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Safe haven from trauma and torture: World’s refugees resettle in Chicago

The Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti has refocused attention on the world’s trauma victims. They are far too many to count, and the aftershocks to them, their families, and the world around them are immeasurable, yet numbingly real and lasting.

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Bulgarians yearn for a transparent government

The journey towards freedom amidst political and economic uncertainty continues as Bulgarians fight the skeleton of a former communist regime.

The Migration
At 70, my abuela opens up

“Quien lo hubiera creído?” (Who would have thought?), she says, and suddenly I’m getting the story I had missed years before.

Culture Shock
Achille Ngoma

Achille Ngoma has been interviewed twice since coming to the United States from the Congo. Both times, a college stu¬dent has asked the questions and crafted a story from his responses. Both times, Achille has ached to be the one asking the questions.

Learning the Language
코리안-아메리칸 에게는 해석하기 어 려운 한국문화

[Read the story - For Korean-Americans, culture,  too, is lost in translation - in English] 아마 이것이 그의 천 번…

Work, Jobs and Money
Getting by after Iraq with help from friends

He traveled with a suitcase and handbag filled with clothes, pictures and his laptop to Chicago where he was received by his uncle. An officer welcomed him, saying, “you’ve done more for the United States than most people have.”

Problems with Papers
South Americans use Italy as a passport to opportunity

A strong Brazilian currency, cheap communication and a notoriously loose Italian citizenship law allow . . . [many]to immigrate without much sacrifice.

Lily Ayman: The threat of being executed seven times

“I heard many years ago they have said that I should be executed 7 times. I said what a stupid thing to say, because the first time I will be dead, why they need to do it the other 6 times?”

Fearing the Law
Deferred Action: Joy, fear and frustration

After having received deferred action, 17-year-old Maria Sanchez can now live and work in the U.S. But the rest of her family are still waiting for their own relief, and the threat of deportation looms over them. Despite the risks, Maria and her parents believe that by telling their family’s story, they can make a difference.

Dancing his way back to his roots

“I feel really happy when I see a Colombian,” he said. “If they just came, I ask them, ‘Do you need some help? Do you need to get around?’ For me it was difficult to fit in. That’s why I help out people, because I know it’s hard. Maybe for them it’s hard, too.”

Good Question
What happens if a refugee and family move from the location or state where they were originally placed?

Before finalizing the decision to move, refugees are strongly advised to inform their refugee resettlement agency, more specifically their case manager, as soon as possible. They will be helped with the logistics of moving as well as contacting agencies in the new state for future reference.

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